Flat Copper Roof Repair

We need to repair a flat copper roof that leaks. 


Thank you for the inquiry.

A flat roof in Michigan is always a candidate for periodic leaks. And a metal flat roof is even more so and the reason most contractors do not want to try to repair is because it is so difficult to determine where the leak came from and exactly how to properly repair it. Additionally, once they have worked on such a repair they often get caught up more

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High Price of Eliminating Bed Bugs

The quote we received from an exterminator to eliminate bed bugs seems extremely overpriced! 


Thank you for the question – we appreciate the situation you are in.

Bed Bugs are an insidious infestation that can cause a lot of misery and a lot of harm. They are very difficult to get rid of and cause for a lot of landlords to add language to lease agreements that put the financial responsibility on the tenant via the security deposit.

We have seen quotes from more

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Basement Mold

Our new home has mold in the basement – what to do? 


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate you!

Basements are typically constructed with materials that have cement in them. These materials are really good at conducting moisture from the ground into your basement space 24/7. Additionally, most concrete or concrete block basements have cracks of some type or through-wall rod holes. These can bring active water and additional moisture in to the basement, which can cause mold.

Breathing mold in more

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Installing a Retractable Awning

We’re planning on installing a Nantucket Awning on our deck and need a contractor who can do a good job.


Thanks for the inquiry – we appreciate you.

It might take a while to get a good contractor to fit you into a busy summer schedule – but the wait will be worth it.

Deck awnings provide many benefits to your home! Not only do they extend your outdoor living space but awnings provide shade to your home, both outside and inside, which more

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Adding Insulation from the Outside

Can I have sidewall insulation installed without them doing it from inside?


Thanks for being part of the show and for the great inquiry.

Properly specified and installed sidewall insulation is a great investment that will pay back year-round for as long as the home stands. And YES! it can be done from the outside.

Adding insulation to the sidewalls of your brick or sided home will help keep your house more comfortable year round by keeping it cooler in the summer and more

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Will Insurance Cover Roof Damage?

Will my insurer pay for ice damage to our roof?


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate the trust.

Ice Dams on roofs create unique damage for the building. The ice can literally tear shingles off the roof while the water penetrates below shingles where the trapped moisture contributes to rotting the roof deck and, in some cases, the roof frame.

Typically, a Homeowner’s insurance policy will not pay for the type of damage you describe.

Having said that we do suggest you more

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20-year vs. 30-year Shingles

Is it worth the extra dollars to purchase a thirty year shingle vs a twenty year product?


Thank you for the inquiry and for the great comments – we appreciate both!

A “twenty-year” product properly specified and installed, should easily last twenty-plus years.

A “thirty-year” shingle is going to be heavier with more dimension and a different look – possibly enhancing the appearance of the home. Will it last longer? It should – again depending on the proper specification and installation.

It should be more

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Neighboring Trees Causing Problems

Neighboring trees are causing problems in our yard.


Thanks for the inquiry and the kind words – we appreciate both!

Trees on or adjacent to property lines have long been a source of neighbor disputes. And this has been a unique year for the issue and the proliferation of “baby maple” trees in yards adjoining maple tree stands.

Our first advice always is to try to maintain a strong relationship with the neighbors.

Step two is to talk with the jurisdiction in which you more

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Caution! Wet Paint!

Help! Our paint is peeling in one corner of the ceiling.


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate it!

Peeling paint is often a sign or moisture and or a situation where good paint was placed over a bad, ill-prepped surface. In most cases moisture gets behind the painted surface and “pushes” the new paint off in an attempt to move through the material.

Ask yourself – Is there a potential leak of some kind above the spot I am seeing with more

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Does Insurance Cover Basement Leaks?

Would my insurer cover the cost to correct a basement water leak? 


Thanks for the inquiry – we appreciate it.

Chances are good your insurer will not cover the repairs for basement water intrusion – but for the sake of a phone call to your agent it is certainly worth the time to find out. Better yet, inquire with a email to document the conversation.

Call Rich at Kent Home Services – 855-968-5368 – and discuss the situation with him. Kent is expert more

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