Quality Home Insulation and Siding

We need our home insulated and sided. We trust your referral – can you help?


Thank you for listening to the Guys – we appreciate you!

Properly installed quality insulation is still one of the best true investments you can make in your home.

You can trust Ace and Sons Insulation – 888-500-4223 – to use good product and perform a quality install that does not deface your home as some amateurs might.

For the siding, call Pro-Home Improvement at 888-pro-1998. They have premium more

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Wet Garage Foundation

My sister’s garage has some serious water and concrete floor issues. Who can help?



Thank you for listening to the Inside Outside Guys and for taking care of your sister.

Any time water is being directed to a building you are going to have long-term and worsening problems that will not self-resolve.

Caulking the block my be a small band-aid.

Cleaning an old french drain could well lead to the discovery of larger issues with it and force the expense of replacement without solving more


Clay Tile Drain Replacement

Should we replace the clay tile sewer pipe on our house before selling it?


Thanks for being part of the show – we appreciate you!

Those “clay” tiles, a vitrified, glass-like material were used for decades for weep tile systems, farm drains, leach fields in septic systems and sewer drains.

A one-way valve, often called a backflow preventer, was sometimes installed where the sewer exited the house and flowed to the main public line – usually under the street.

This valve, if installed and more


Leaking Bay Window


Thanks for great comments and for being part of the show.

I wish we could look at every housing issue our listeners bring to us – but it is not possible.

We can, however, share with you some of the things we might consider if were able to look at the window.

The type of situation you describe – a leak around a bay window – could be from the roof or the window.

Is it constant during every rain event – or does more


Insulation as a sound deadener

I need good insulation that will also deaden road noise.


Thank you for listening to the show – we appreciate you.

To make your home more comfortable year-round, add value for the life of it and make it more quiet, professionally installed cellulose insulation in the sidewalls is a GREAT investment!

Few companies can install sidewall insulation well AND preserve the integrity of your siding.

Call Charlie at Ace and Sons Insulation – 888-500-4223 and tell him the Inside Outside Guys sent you.

Please stay more


Beware of the Cold Call

After the hail storm, a gentleman knocked on our door and informed us we need shingles and siding. Are they a good company?


Thank you for your kind words and for listening to the show – we appreciate you.

We have heard of, but are not familiar with, the company you talked with.

That is usually more of a good thing than bad.

We are always just a little skeptical of cold call companies in a busy market like the one we are in more


I am concerned about drainage issues.

I want to run the water from my gutters in to an existing pipe buried next to my house.


Thanks for being part of the show – we appreciate you.

Should you run a eaves trough downspout in to the city storm drain system.?

Could you determine an existing pipe’s ability to drain by running a hose down in to it?

The second question first. Yes and No. Water may run down the pipe from the hose and “dis-appear” – but it may actually more


Flooding has Caused Mold!

Flooding from other apartments has caused mold to grow on/in our walls. Is this a healthy situation?


Thanks for listening to the Inside Outside Guys – we appreciate you.

Breathing mold in is never a good thing – the questions to ask are, 1) What type molds are we talking about, 2) What volume/concentration are breathing, 4) How susceptable is the occupant to damage from breathing in the mold?

It sounds as though the issue is one your Landlord is most likely responsible more


Our basement flooded.

Do we have to remove all finished flooring? What about our furnace and appliances?


Thanks for being part of the show – we appreciate you.

A flooded basement is a BIG issue to homeowners and one no one wants to see repeated!

Must you remove all finished flooring? Not necessarily.

It depends on what you have down and whether it is stable and resistant to shrinking and supporting mold growth.

Most “Dry-out” companies will always remove “soft” floors such as carpeting and leave “hard” floors more


Is it better to seal your crawl space or not?


Thanks for listening to the show – we appreciate you.

It is always better to “encapsulate” the crawl – which includes sealing – but keep in mind everything works as part of the system and it has to be done correctly.

The best way to deal with an existing crawl is to treat it like a short basement.

It sould have a sump and drain sub-surface water.

The “floor” should be sealed against moisture intrusion through the soil.

The exterior walls should be thermally insulated more

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