Minimizing Moisture in the Attic

Water is dripping in to my house from ice in the attic. 


Thanks for a great question – a lot of people are dealing with this same issue.

Attics should be ventilated so that moisture coming from within the home can exhaust to the outside. Likewise, bath fans and other such devices should be exhausted directly to the outside and NOT into the attic. Even if the fan is not working, it allows a direct flow of moist, warm air from the more

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What Size Boiler Do I Need?

Two companies have each specified a different size replacement boiler for my home – whom can I trust?


Thanks for a great question. Why would different companies bid to install such a wide range of capability for a boiler in the same house?

We haven’t seen your home and can’t claim we know what it needs, but some companies specify these things strictly on square footage or cubic footage of the home, while others use a more scientific approach – looking at more

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Closing the Gaps in Basement Windows

Our home has boarded up window openings in the basement. What should we do?


Thanks for being part of the show and for your great comments – we appreciate both. Congratulations on your home purchase also!

In your basement you will want a high-quality window or glass block installed in those openings. If the space is ever going to be “finished” you may also want to consider installation of a good Weather Gard egress window.

The air in the basement should be connected more

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Moisture Control in a Closet

I have condensation on my closet wall. What can I do?


Thanks for your great comments and for listening to our show!

That closet wall is a VERY cold wall in a room (the closet) with no circulation, yet some humidity. As with a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day, the humidity in the closet will condensate on the coolest part of the room – in this case the lower outside wall.

The easiest solution is to leave the closet more

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Black Mold Tests

Are there any affordable, reliable tests for Black Mold?


Thanks for listening to the Inside Outside Guys – we appreciate you.

Your nose is one of the more reliable “tests” for the presence of any mold.

Everyone is afraid of “Black Mold” – but only a few strains of black mold are highly toxic. The most toxic mold is actually a “red” mold.

The popular Black Mold lovingly referred to as “Stachy” has to be tested in a lab to determine if it is more

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Installing Windows in Cold Weather

Is a cold weather window install appropriate?


Thanks for the follow up.

Is it “safe” to install window and window flashing products in cold weather?

“Yes” if the appropriate steps are taken. Not all installers are going to rely on specialized tapes to flash the units with. Manufacturer’s specifications must prevail.

If they are using a metal/vinyl/bituthene material to flash with, the weather issue is moot.

Ask the company you are dealing with what effect cold will have as well as what techniques they will more

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Installing Shingles in Cold Weather

Should we install shingles in cold weather?


Thank you for being part of the show – we appreciate you.

Installing standard roofing products in colder weather is not an issue if a professional is doing the work.

There might be issues if an amateur was doing it – proper fasteners and applied pressure with air guns as the shingles become more brittle is one potential issue.

A plus for a Pro is that there should be less “scarring” from the shingles being walked on more

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The Need for a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Do we need to install a carbon monoxide detector?


Thanks for listening – we appreciate you!

The importance of a carbon monoxide detector is often overlooked. Even an inexpensive carbon monoxide detector may save your life by alerting you if the gas is present in your home!

We discussed having a detector with a loud alarm for the colorless, odorless and tasteless by product of combustion from our furnaces – carbon monoxide.

The one I have in my home is made by Kidde. They more

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Sealing a Black Pipe Gas Line

How do seal a black pipe gas line?


Thanks for listening – we appreciate you!

Black pipe fittings are threaded fittings that also usually have a “pipe dope” or putty-like compound on the threads. The fittings are “sealed” by doping the threads and tightening the fitting with pipe wrenches.

A common “test” of the seal is the “bubble” test whereby a little dish soap is spread around the pressurized pipe joint where any bubbles in the soap would then indicate a leak.

We always more

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Mini-split Heat Pumps

Can you tell us about ductless mini-split heat pumps?


Thank you for listening – we appreciate you!

If you have heard Pat Kelley from Kelley Brothers on our show, you have heard about the new heating and cooling technologies.

Heat pumps function much as your refrigerator – using a refrigerant and a condenser to move heat from one place to another.

In your home they can heat in the winter and cool in the summer using this technology.

Mini-splits is a reference to smaller units more

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