The Carpenter Ants Go Marching…

How can I get rid of carpenter ants?


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate your issue.

Contrary to popular belief, carpenter ants do not actually eat wood. They do, however, hollow it out and undermine its structural integrity. (Even termites cannot digest the wood they “eat.” Instead, they depend on another “bug” in their stomachs which can digest and process wood.)

Carpenter ants may show up in the home as hitchhikers to a person or dog, as visitors simply stealing food more

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We need a moving company. What should we look for and whom can we trust?

Phillip and Deborah,

Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate your concerns.

The moving industry, like many others, has some great professionals and some not-so-great pretenders. The risk to you the Homeowner is lost or damaged goods, over charges, schedule abuse, worker injury, or worse.

Things you want to consider before hiring anyone include a complete and written description of services that includes: what exactly will and will more

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Tub Relining

I’m considering relining my bathtub. Can you give me any information?


Thanks for the inquiry – we do appreciate it.

Bath tub re-lining has gained a lot of popularity with the use of high-end acrylics that can be vacuum-shaped to fit most any existing tub. The panels are usually 1/4″ thick, which makes them quite strong and resistant to most types of damage.

Some of the issues we are informed of include panels that are not perfectly formed to the existing tub causing more

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Oxidizing Copper Pipes

I had a plumber fix some small pin-hole leaks in my copper pipes. Will I still have leaks?


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate your situation.

Pin-hole leaks in copper plumbing pipes that were in contact with aluminum can create problems. Dis-similar conductive metals will generally react with each other, just as ships will rust in a watery sea full of dissolved metals. One metal may “give up” ions to another until one is completely “dissolved.”

The same dynamic was witnessed more

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Comparing Window Companies

What should I look for in a replacement window? Should I compare other companies to Weathergard?


Thank you for your inquiry. Many people struggle with the same question.

Window companies all seem to make the same claims and most all appear to “look” the same – so how do you know?

If you actually look at some of the lesser, “give-away” brands and then compare what you see with the Weathergard, you will notice a heavier, thicker, commercial grade frame on the Weatherguard. more

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Home Inspections

Who can you suggest for a home inspection?


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate it.

Home inspections can be a very “iffy” thing because that segment of the housing industry is not regulated and virtually anyone could call themselves a home inspector.

On the other hand, the Guys REALLY believe in having inspections professionally done, pre-sale and pre-purchase, for a multitude of reasons which include objectivity, thoroughness, awareness of ostensibly “hidden” issues etc.

As an example we know of people who have more

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Dry Rot and a Sagging Roof

I’m experiencing dry rot around my window and a sagging roof frame.


Thank you for your inquiry – we appreciate your concerns.

Dry rot around a window is the result of constant wetting and drying of the wood over time. In older windows, the moisture most likely is from condensation dripping from the glass down to the wooden sill. For this reason it used to be very common to see builders installing real or synthetic “marble” sills at the base of windows.

A more

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Rain, Rain, Go Into My Garden

Can I drain roof water to create a Rain Garden?


Thank you for your question – we appreciate you.

Rain gardens have been used for centuries to capture and utilize run-off water from roofs and other paved surfaces. This water is fed through pipes located underground or dry-stone “creeks” that channel the water to planted areas where it can safely pool and feed trees and plants.

Most people would be familiar with the concept in the parking lots of newer shopping centers where more

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I’m painting a home with severe drywall cracks and nail pops. How do I repair and keep them from returning?


Thanks for a great question – we appreciate you.

The situation you describe – LOTS of wide cracks in the drywall and LOTS of nail pops is nearly always the result of the drywall being installed over a very wet frames and/or the house being subjected to being closed up and freezing temperatures exist within the house and the frame.

These situations cause more

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Best Decking Materials

What type of deck materials should I use?


Great question! Thanks.

A lot of people have agonized over what type of decking materials to use for the walking surface.

While most decks today are still framed using treated wood products, the exposed materials that we walk and sit on have undergone several product evolutions. Today there are a lot of options.

Cedar is still a great product – but the caveat is that it will fade and “gray” unless maintained.

The quality of the cedar more

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