Effects of the Cold on Your Home

What does this bitter cold do to your home? 


Thanks for a great question – we appreciate you.

Can this bitter cold have adverse effects on your home? Yes….but…..

If you are keeping the home heated and you have a slab-on-grade home or basement, you are not likely to experience a lot of serious negative effects.

Natural, though unwanted, heat loss will generally protect your home.

The biggest culprit to creating damage is freezing components – freezing footings and foundations, water and sewer pipes, framing more

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Warning! Frost Heave!

How can I resolve frost heave that cracks bricks?


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Frost heave is the result of water-saturated soils that freeze, expand and then lift whatever is on top of them.

The trick is to minimize water in the soil under the brick and to have well-drained soil that has enough voids to absorb some freezing water effects without a lot of dimensional movement.

If you could remove a portion of the concrete directly under the wall more

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Ice on Exterior Doors

My exterior doors are sweating and icing over at the threshold.

Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate you.

This extremely cold weather has “shown” us some of our home’s faults – in this case doors and door thresholds that conduct a lot of heat right through to the outside! When this occurs, moisture in the air inside condenses, then freezes on the cold surface.

Another consideration is that the door may not be insulated, which means that excessive humidity may not more

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Testing for Radon and Installing Mitigation System

Our home tested high for Radon. Who can install a mitigation system for us?


Thank you for a great question.

Hopefully you tested over a wide range of your basement and home space and over a couple time periods since some tests can be skewed.

A radon mitigation system should allow for sub-soil gases to flow directly through a sealed pipe out through the roof of the house.

PVC pipes will usually extend through walls in the heated portions of the home into the more

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Hiring a Builder – What You Need to Know

Our daughter is purchasing land and hiring a builder. What should she be thinking about?


Thank you for a great question.

There are sooo very many things we would suggest when purchasing land and hiring a contractor.

You can access from our web site a short sheet on “How to Hire a Contractor”.

The land purchase should involve a good Realtor and a good Title company to cover all the bases legally and assure clear title without unknown encumbrances such as liens, right-of-way issues, deed more

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Mold Testing

Who can I talk with regarding mold testing in my home?


Thanks for the inquiry – we appreciate you!

Every home will have positive results for the presence of mold or mold spores at some level – that’s how pervasive it is.

The concern is when the concentrations become large or the spores begin to multiply – nearly always due to the presence of a wet or damp environment.

If you know of any type of leak creating this condition, the leak must be more

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Lots of Questions about a Water Heater

Tankless water heaters…..a good idea? Can they be used in houses with well water?  Pros and Cons of this type of investment?  Any brand that is recommended?  Does Kelley Brothers do this kind of work or is it strictly a plumbing job? 


Tankless water heaters can be a good thing to use in some homes.

The idea is not that you will have “instant” hot water at the point of use, but that you will not be storing hot water when it is more

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Freezing Pipes in Crawl Space

The pipes in my crawl space have frozen three times since I moved in.


Thank you for your inquiry – we appreciate you.

Freezing pipes can be dangerous as they can wreck havoc when they burst and are not a “cheap” fix.

In a crawl space we would suggest – long term – that you encapsulate the crawl space. That involves some time and expense to do well.

A “quick” preventative to those freezing pipes in the crawl space would be installation of a more

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Chimney Liner

Do we need to line our old chimney with a stainless steel exhaust?


Thanks for the question.

Higher efficiency appliances like furnaces and water heaters exhaust more moisture and far less volume of hot gasses, so they will not naturally vent up a large chimney meant for inefficient units.

What you will get is a lot of moisture build-up in them and incomplete exhaust – possibly a danger to the family if those exhaust gases come back down into the house.

You may also more

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What do I need to know about buying a new furnace?


Thank you for being part of the show – we appreciate you.

The best advice we can give in regards to buying a new furnace is to call Kelley Brothers at 734-462-6266 and talk with them regarding your purchase of a new furnace.

The units they install have the best warranty from the best installer we know.

They will size it appropriately for the house. Most furnaces are over-sized for the home they more

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