Basement Window Wells

Wouldn’t outside basement window wells be a catch for water and cause leaks? 


Good to hear from you.

Basement window wells or area-ways have been a part of both residential and commercial construction for over a century. When people realized the value of the subterranean square footage and the need to provide natural light and ventilation, area-ways were created.

Will water naturally pool there and cause problems?

As long as A) the grade around the windows slopes away from them and does not invite more

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Sprinkler Maintenance

Who do the Inside Outside Guys suggest for sprinkler maintenance and service?


Thanks for listening – we appreciate you!!

Sprinkler systems are finicky and have been developed and sold by a lot of different firms. Many have been DIY projects that beg for problems.

We have a found a local landscape firm is typically your best bet for affordable servicing and repair. The same firm should ‘winterize” the system in the fall and “open” the system in the spring.

The Monroe County Home Builders more

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We need our home insulated and sided. We trust your referral – can you help?


Thank you for listening to the Guys – we appreciate you!

Properly installed quality insulation is still one of the best true investments you can make in your home.

You can trust Ace and Sons Insulation – 888-500-4223 – to use a good product and perform a quality install that does not deface your home as some amateurs might.

For the siding, call Pro-Home Improvement at 888-pro-1998. They have more

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Can you tell us about ductless mini-split heat pumps?


Thank you for listening – we appreciate you!

If you have heard Pat Kelley from Kelley Brothers on our show, you have heard about the new heating and cooling technologies. Heat pumps function much as your refrigerator – using a refrigerant and a condenser to move heat from one place to another. In your home they can heat in the winter and cool in the summer using this technology.

Mini-splits references smaller units – more

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Who in my area can advise me on plant selection for a landscape project?


Thank you for listening – we appreciate you!

If you have someone to do the work, but have not yet purchased plants, contact a reputable nursery in your area. They know their plants better than anyone.

If you take your design in to them with details of how the house and yard is oriented and what your goals and objectives are with the finished project, they will offer valuable more

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My washing machine does not drain all the water in it. What do I do?


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If your washing machine is not exhausting all the water you may have a partially blocked drain or a malfunction of the pump in the machine.

Contact Appliance Doctor Service at 734-953-6991.

Please stay in touch and tell everyone you know about the Inside Outside Guys!!!

God Bless,

The Guys

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Sump Pump Problems

I am having repeated issues with a torpedo style sump pump I purchased. What to do?


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Any sump pump that gives you repeated problems should be disposed of. There is simply too much riding on a pump’s dependability.

Purchase your new pump through a good plumbing company or plumbing supply company and be willing to pay a little more for a good one.

A cast iron, submersible is generally preferred. A couple more

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Keep it Quiet!

Help! Is there a board I can use to deaden sound transfer between a first and second floor?


Thanks for being part of the show – we appreciate you.

Is there a sound deadening board one can install on a floor or ceiling to reduce active sound transmission?

The most difficult sound waves to deaden are the bass waves. Various materials and combinations of materials are used in construction to reduce sound transmission from one space to another.

True sound “deadening” often requires total more

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This is a classic result of re-lining an existing tub.

If the liner is not a prefect fit, or is simply not uniformly and properly attached, water can get get between it and the tub and create mold issues and worse.

There are typically no mechanical fasteners for this – only glues.

If you could completely dry out the space between the two, you have nothing to lose by attempting to re-seal the gap, but it is likely going to be a recurring more

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Get the Job Done Right!

We had half our windows replaced and the custom piece they made to cover the area where two windows are joined was too small so they simply caulked it. Is this appropriate?


Thanks for being part of the show and for your great comments.

When two windows are joined, we “mull” them together with custom fit materials. This joint should be weather tight and “invisible”, i.e. your eye should not be drawn to a bead of caulk here.

Caulk will fail over time more

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