Dumpster on New Driveway?

Can I put a dumpster on my one-year-old concrete driveway?


Thanks for a great question…it’s always good to think ahead when considering home improvement projects!

It may be as simple as checking your written warranty from the installing contractor to see if you possibly void coverage by setting a dumpster on the drive.

If the concrete you installed was 3,000PSI concrete, then it should be safe to assume it has attained 90+% of its “ultimate compressive strength” – or up to at least more

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Can I Get an Estimate Before an Estimate?

Will a contractor to give us an idea of the cost for a small remodeling project?


Thank you for the great question – so many people are in the same situation.

Most quality contractors in our area can listen to you regarding your situation and take a look at your house to give you what we call a “range” estimate very quickly. This is not a bid, but an educated guess based on what you have shared with the contractor and what more

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A Sinking Slab

I think my slab-on-grade addition is sinking. Is this a concern?


Thank you for the inquiry – we can appreciate your issues.

From what you describe, it sounds as though you have a “three-wall-bump-out” slab-on-grade foundation. In this process, they dug three trenches to form the three new foundation walls and filled them with concrete. The concrete foundations should have been placed on “undisturbed soils” to avoid future settling. They likely did not pour a new wall parallel with and adjoining the more

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Bats in the Belfry

How can I be assured that a “critter company” will get the job done?


Thanks for the inquiry.

Bats in the belfry – or in your case the attic – would be a good thing if they didn’t multiply and mess up the area – particularly by defecating on your insulation. Such critters can literally contaminate a space very quickly, so getting them out fast and keeping them out is important.

Part of the service you should be purchasing should include the pest more

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Costs for Installing a Garage Door

What is the approximate cost for installing a garage door and electric opener?


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate it.

As with a lot of things the best answer is “it depends”…

A 16′x7′ door is a standard double garage door size.

Is the door an inexpensive light gauge aluminum, 4 panel, embossed unit? These can variously be had for $400+ or so. As the quality of this door goes up – thicker metal or insulated door, adding windows or additional design more

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Foggy Windows

I have a large front window fogged with moisture. What do I do?


Thanks for the inquiry – we appreciate you.

If a window is showing condensation between the panes of glass – and it used to be a sealed unit – then you do indeed have a faulty seal and the glass and/or window may need to be replaced.

Not all windows have a “gas”  – usually argon or krypton – installed between sealed panes. (The idea with such materials is to more

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Frost in the Attic

I have frost on the interior of my roof deck.


Thank you for the inquiry and your trust – we appreciate both.

Frost on the underside of the plywood likely indicates there is air leakage from the heated home in to the ventilated attic and that is not a good thing.

The ceiling below the attic and the wall frames themselves often conduct warmed air from the interior of the home through gaps around wires and fans and light fixtures, etc. into the more

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Removing Tree Roots in Sewer Lines

What is the best way to get rid of tree roots in sewer lines?


Thanks for the question – we appreciate the situation you are in.

Many homeowners do not realize that the pipes running out from their house to the street are “theirs” to maintain and invasion by tree roots can cause huge and expensive problems.

Having the pipes jetted or having the roots cut inside the pipes by a professional is only part of the issue since the root is still more

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Coating a Concrete Floor

How do I prep and coat a concrete floor?


Thanks for the inquiry – we appreciate the question.

Most of the success in coating a concrete floor will be tied to good preparation. ALWAYS follow manufacturer’s instructions. Safety precautions are there to protect you and the household so do not ignore or short-circuit any of them!

Floors that have a lot of moisture in them will not be able to be coated. Test the floor with a one-foot square piece of plastic taped more

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Love Thy Neighbors’ Trees

My neighbor’s trees are destroying my concrete – what can I do?


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate your dilemma.

Generally, if a tree is near a property line, but the trunk is clearly on your neighbor’s property, it is their tree and you cannot harm the tree.

This is true even if the leaves, needles, branches or roots are a nuisance to you and your home – especially if the tree was in place before the occupancy of adjoining homes. more

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