Can a Septic System Fail?

Is there a limited life to septic drain fields?


Thank you for the question – we can certainly appreciate your concerns.

Does a septic system field have a limited life? The answer is – “it depends on a lot of issues.”

A well-designed and installed system properly used and maintained may last as long as the house.

A “septic” system or “on-site sewage disposal” system for a single family residence is designed based on soil conditions and anticipated use based on the number of more

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Does it make sense to totally seal out moisture from the crawl space?


Thanks. Great question.

Should you install a spray-on water-proofing membrane to the underside of the floor in your crawl space?

The initial part of the answer to this is “Yes” we do want to totally seal out moisture coming into the home from the crawl space below.

There is an old axiom in the industry that “houses need to breathe”. This is generally thought to only reference the need for healthy more

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Our Partners

What qualifies a contractor/company to be an Inside Outside Guys Partner?


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate it.

One of the criteria we employ in looking for Team Partners is a management team that we trust will fulfill the value commitment to our listeners – this is vital.

When a company undergoes a management change that we feel will put that trust at risk, we may no longer want to associate the program with them.

For example, when Pat Kelley left Kelley more

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Asbestos Floor Tile

Who can remove asbestos floor tile and mastic for me?


Thank you for the question – one we get quite a bit.

A lot of concrete floors in basements finished in the 1980′s or before were likely covered in asbestos tiles.

The suggested “safe bet” for homeowners is to assume any floor tile installed during this time period is likely an asbestos containing material.

In the middle of the 20th century, there was a lot of asbestos containing waste product generated from mining operations. more

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Self-Storing Storm WIndow Ripping the Screen

Our self-storing storm window keeps tearing the adjoining screen.


Thank you for the question and for the great comments – we really appreciate both!

The storm door you describe with the self-storing screens is a popular choice as they offer great convenience and flexibility. Unfortunately, because they are not as rigid as a thicker entry door, the units can become a touch “sloppy” such that the storm windows “rack” in the guide channels and can tear the screen.

One solution we have found more

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Rain, Rain, Makes for a Leaky Basement

We have a few cracks in our poured concrete basement walls and our every time it rains our basement leaks.


Thank you.

A lot of people – too many by our count – experience leaky basements – including those that are periodic or episodic depending on rain or snow melt conditions.

We are always so leery of foundation repairs because so many factors can influence a good solution.

Cracks in poured concrete walls – while not desirable – are all too common and generally not more

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The Carpenter Ants Go Marching…

How can I get rid of carpenter ants?


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate your issue.

Contrary to popular belief, carpenter ants do not actually eat wood. They do, however, hollow it out and undermine its structural integrity. (Even termites cannot digest the wood they “eat.” Instead, they depend on another “bug” in their stomachs which can digest and process wood.)

Carpenter ants may show up in the home as hitchhikers to a person or dog, as visitors simply stealing food more

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We need a moving company. What should we look for and whom can we trust?

Phillip and Deborah,

Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate your concerns.

The moving industry, like many others, has some great professionals and some not-so-great pretenders. The risk to you the Homeowner is lost or damaged goods, over charges, schedule abuse, worker injury, or worse.

Things you want to consider before hiring anyone include a complete and written description of services that includes: what exactly will and will more

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Tub Relining

I’m considering relining my bathtub. Can you give me any information?


Thanks for the inquiry – we do appreciate it.

Bath tub re-lining has gained a lot of popularity with the use of high-end acrylics that can be vacuum-shaped to fit most any existing tub. The panels are usually 1/4″ thick, which makes them quite strong and resistant to most types of damage.

Some of the issues we are informed of include panels that are not perfectly formed to the existing tub causing more

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Oxidizing Copper Pipes

I had a plumber fix some small pin-hole leaks in my copper pipes. Will I still have leaks?


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate your situation.

Pin-hole leaks in copper plumbing pipes that were in contact with aluminum can create problems. Dis-similar conductive metals will generally react with each other, just as ships will rust in a watery sea full of dissolved metals. One metal may “give up” ions to another until one is completely “dissolved.”

The same dynamic was witnessed more

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