Caution! Wet Paint!

Help! Our paint is peeling in one corner of the ceiling.


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate it!

Peeling paint is often a sign or moisture and or a situation where good paint was placed over a bad, ill-prepped surface. In most cases moisture gets behind the painted surface and “pushes” the new paint off in an attempt to move through the material.

Ask yourself – Is there a potential leak of some kind above the spot I am seeing with more

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Does Insurance Cover Basement Leaks?

Would my insurer cover the cost to correct a basement water leak? 


Thanks for the inquiry – we appreciate it.

Chances are good your insurer will not cover the repairs for basement water intrusion – but for the sake of a phone call to your agent it is certainly worth the time to find out. Better yet, inquire with a email to document the conversation.

Call Rich at Kent Home Services – 855-968-5368 – and discuss the situation with him. Kent is expert more

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Best Type of Locks for Security

What are the best type of deadbolts?


Thanks for the inquiry – we appreciate you!

The truth regarding a lot of “security” locksets is that they really are no more secure than the door/door frame they are anchored to.

A really well-installed deadbolt and some good slide bolts – or even a door with multiple bolts running in to the frame – will provide good additional security to any standard lockset.

Slide bolts that help anchor the door into the floor at the bottom more

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Leaking Water Mystery

We have water leaking into the basement from what appears to be the floor above, but we can’t figure out where it’s coming from. It’s a wood floor above the basement with no plumbing. We do have a bay window in the room above. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.


Thanks for the inquiry – we appreciate it.

If the water source appears to be the wood floor above the basement – and you are certain there is no leaking plumbing at more

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Is my 2001 AC Unit Too Old?

My 2001 AC unit runs but doesn’t cool the house.


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate you.

A unit installed in 2001 is now considered “old” and, while it could simply need servicing, it may be a bigger issue.

Often-times these units simply leak out their refrigerant and, thus, cannot perform the cooling and dehumidification functions they are intended to.

If this happens, the unit will keep “cycling” and running but never achieve the conditions you desire. That gets expensive for you!

Contact the more

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Two Areas of Expertise?

Can a great duct cleaning company also provide professionally installed attic insulation?


Thank you for the inquiry and the trust – we appreciate both!

We rarely hear from a listener concerned about a price that is too low!

Amistee does great work – as you know. They are well trained and manage the business and service end of the business with great care.

What a lot of our listeners do not know about them is that they also install attic insulation. They have run more

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Buying Raw Land for a New Home

We want to buy raw land for a new home and don’t know where to begin. Can you help?


Thank you so very much for the great comments and for the inquiry – we appreciate you.

Buying raw land is tricky only because most realtors do not deal in it and don’t have the expertise.

Contact Jack at Ask Jack for a referral to a good agent in your area. Tell him Chuck Breidenstein sent you.

When you are looking at particular pieces, more

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Funny Noises Coming from my AC Unit

My AC unit is making a funny noise. I need someone in my area I can trust. 


Thanks for the inquiry – your friends are correct – you can trust our referral.

An AC unit – like any piece of mechanical equipment – requires regular maintenance.

It is, fundamentally, a “refrigeration unit” and if it loses refrigerant as most units will over time, it runs very inefficiently and very expensively! It could be a compressor going bad or requiring service. It could simply more

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Can concrete leveling and crack filling be a DIY project?


Concrete leveling is a tricky business and has to be done by the right professional. There are a variety of materials used, but a cementitious grout is generally considered the strongest and longest lasting  – particularly because it is not organic.

As to the crack filling – if the cracks are the width of a dime or less, we would suggest a good polyurethane caulk. If they are larger and are not more

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The Importance of Gutters and Downspouts

Who can I call for gutters and downspouts?


Thanks for the inquiry – we appreciate your trust!

Properly designed gutters must be professionally installed and maintained to perform well. They are a vital key in preserving the home and keeping unwanted “active water” from destroying the home.

The downspouts – or “conductor pipes” as many architects like to call them – are a critical part of the design and installation. Simply “dumping” the roof water at the corners of the foundation is not more

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