Identifying Land Boundaries

I’m having trouble determining where my property actually begins and ends.


Thanks for the inquiry – we appreciate it.

Identifying land boundaries can be tricky in situations where the lines have been blurred over time. Old tree lines used as boundaries may have been extended or cut back, or ditches, streams and other water courses may have dried up, been re-routed or altered.

Depending on the age of the original property splits, there should be permanent “monuments” or markers somewhere indicating property corners more

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Cold Air Coming Through Dryer Vent

Cold air just pours into the house through my dryer vent. What to do? 


Thanks – Great question!

Fan and dryer vents are often an uncomfortable reminder of the coming winter as heavy, cold air flows in to the house through them.

There are several reasons for this. One is what we call “negative air pressure”. When you inflate a balloon it has a positive air pressure pushing out the sides – something we would generally like to create in our homes. But, more

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Vapor Barrier under Bamboo Flooring

Do we need a vapor barrier under bamboo flooring on the second story floors?


Thank you listening and for the inquiry – good question!

The idea of using a vapor barrier when placing such floors over concrete or a vapor retarder when placing such floors over basements and crawl spaces is the assumption of moisture wicking through the floors and creating an uneven moisture content in the wood.

This can result in the individual flooring pieces drying out on the top and shrinking, more

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Mildew Odors from Under the Sink

I have a mildew odor coming from a sink cabinet.


Thanks for the inquiry and a great question – we appreciate it!

If you smell mold or mildew, it is there. The question is “why?”

See if you can trace any small drips underneath that cabinet.

Check to see if any surfaces inside the cabinet are wetted.

The one thing we can deprive mold of in a house is moisture – do that and we don’t have a problem anymore. Contacting a mold remediation specialist more

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Saltless Water Softeners

Are saltless water softeners worth the money?


Thanks for a great question – we appreciate it.

“Saltless” water conditioners have been manufactured for many years and can work extremely well.

The first thing to do is discover the nature and purpose of the water you are conditioning.

Saltless units do not actually alter chemical content, but rather how some water-borne minerals will “act”. They are considered to be very good at preventing scale build up from lime and other such contaminants.

They do not tend more

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Re-Coating Ceramic Tile

How durable is the “acid-spray” process for re-coating old ceramic tile?


Thanks for listening and for your trust in The Guys! We appreciate both!

There is a long-standing process for re-coating ceramic tile in “wetted” areas – generally tub and shower surrounds that involve the use of epoxy paints for good durability.

The surfaces are prepped using either a muriatic acid wash or a carbide sand paper to rough up the glazed surface and provide a bonding surface for the specialized primers used more

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Basement Water & Odors

We have an interior french drain and are experiencing water and odors in our basement.


Based only on what you have shared it sounds as though you are getting surface water in the soils around the house.

The lifting and cracking concrete would certainly be indicative of this as would the odors – assuming you are talking moldy/mildew odors and not sewer odors.

The “interior french drain” you describe – can we safely assume you have some access to it and can be more

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Sealing an Old Concrete Slab

Would an old concrete slab benefit from sealing?


Great question – thank you.

Should you seal an old concrete driveway slab?

A sealer should help to keep the concrete from becoming saturated by surface water – and water-borne salts that can create problems for the concrete and for the soils supporting the slab. The short answer to your question is “yes”. Even older concrete can benefit from sealing.

Use of a “breathable” sealer that keeps surface water out, but lets sub-soil water and moisture more

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Insulation for an Older Home

I need insulation for my older home.


Thanks for listening to the show – we appreciate you.

Interestingly enough, about 90% of homeowners in the US share your need for good insulation. Most simply have not yet recognized it as you have.

But, insulation today is as much science as it is know-how, so a company that understands the science and the practical aspects is critical.

One example we saw recently of what NOT to do was a home that had insulation installed through more

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Considering a Metal Roof


Thanks for the inquiry.

An average cost won’t help you much because the more important variables are slope of roof, area, offsets/valleys/protrusions, etc, prep work involved, roofing type, permitting, height/landscape provisions, etc.

As an example, range costs for metal roofing go from a low of $1.25 per square foot of surface to $11.00/SF.

But, you can know the metal roof typically is 1-1/2-2 times the cost of a “conventional” sloped roof application.

Having said that, this is a great time to negotiate specials and more

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