DIY Crawl Space Encapsulation

How do I minimize moisture in my crawl space? Can you provide some tips on DIY Crawl Space Encapsulation?


Thank you for your questions.

Here is a synopsis of the issues involved with DIY Crawl Space Encapsulation:

If you purchase and install a layer of minimum 6ml plastic on the floor of the crawl and carry it about 12 inches up on  to the foundation walls and attach with a mastice meant for plastic, you have a good start at minimizing moisture intrusion more

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Go Away Spiders!

How can I keep spiders away from and out of my home?


Thank you so much for the great comments and for being a long time listener – we very much appreciate you.

How to keep spiders away from the house?

Tough thing to be 100% effective with, but there are some ways we can minimize the intrusion.

Like any critter, the best way to get rid of them is to get rid of their food, so using things that are effective against spider “food” more

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Issues with Foundation Cracks

The foundations in our new home are cracked. Help!


Thank you for the inquiry.

A basement wall in most homes is a vertical extension of the foundation systems and has to support a variety of loadings. It must support the downward load of the house built on top of it and it must, much like a dam, support the load imposed by soils that are placed against it. In some instances it must “bridge” underlying weak soil conditions.

With poured concrete, holding the more

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Should I Hire a Professional to Clean My Chimney?

I need my chimney cleaned. Should I hire a professional chimney sweep?


Thank you for the inquiry.

A lot of people look to cleaning their chimney as a DIY task and we always caution them in this regard.

Not counting the potential for a fall off a roof or creating damage to the roof by getting up on it, the concerns would be potentially damaging the chimney or chimney lining and/or knocking soot down on to the smoke shelf and creating a possibly more

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Resolving Mold in the Attic

Can I clean up mold in the attic?


Thanks for the inquiry – we appreciate it.

The air above the insulation in the attic should be free to move from the vents at the lowest part of the attic through vents at the highest portion of the attic.

If moisture has wetted and compacted the insulation, it should be replaced.

If you see a little mold on the top surface of the drywall, but the drywall is otherwise solid, it could be lightly misted more

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Best Dryer on the Market

We know from listening that Speed Queen makes a great washing machine – do they also make dryers?


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate you.

The Guys rely on a group of experts to go with our vast stores of knowledge – in this case Dr. Joe Gagnon, The Appliance Guy who is a frequent guest on our show.

It is his esteemed opinion that Speedqueen currently makes the most dependable washers and dryers on the market and offer the best value more

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Ground Water Negatively Effecting Home Foundation

Please help - I have on-going ground water issues with my foundation.


Thank you for the great question.

“Deck sinking and driveway breaking up” are classic symptoms of soil water issues – particularly as freeze/thaw cycles tear things up on the surface.

It is so very important that homeowners make certain surface water from the roof and rains and snow are directed well away from the home and foundations. Good drainage above and below the ground are keys to protecting foundations – for decks more

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Cleaning Up Broken Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL)

How do I clean up the mess from broken compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL)?


Thank you for a great question – we appreciate it.

The EPA offers guidelines for cleaning up such accidents with a reminder that the guidelines are only precautions reflecting best practices because CFL bulbs contain so very little mercury – less than .001 the amount in a typical mercury thermometer.

First – shut off the HVAC system and open windows to air out the area where the bulbs were broken.

Carefully more

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Sewer Pipe Repair

The sewer lead from house to the street is failing. What do you suggest?


Thanks for a great question.

You, and many others, have found the hard way that you “own” the pipe that leads underground from your house to the main sewer line under the street where that pipe is “tapped-in” to the main line. When the pipe gets old and begins to have problems, it is your financial responsibility to repair it.

Digging it up and replacing it has been the more

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Flooring Ideas for Kitchen & Bath

I need some finish flooring ideas for a kitchen and bath other than tile and wood.


Thank you for the e-mail.

You are looking for finish flooring ideas for a kitchen and bathroom.

You indicate you do not want tile or wood – are you saying you do not want wood product or you do not even want “wood look”? If you eliminate wood and tile looks from those hard surface floors, your options become severely limited.

At the risk of stating the obvious, more

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