Kitchen Mold

Something in our house is contributing to mold growing in our kitchen.


Thank you for the inquiry – we appreciate you.

Mold needs warmth, food, oxygen and moisture to thrive.

In most cases we cannot effectively eliminate the first three in a house, so we try to minimize the moisture and relative humidity.

You did not indicate where in the kitchen the mold appears. Location might be indicative of cause.

If your home is a slab-on-grade, it is entirely possible with the amount of rain more

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Utility Company Appliance Service Plans

What do you think of Utility Company Appliance Service Plans?


Thanks for the inquiry – we appreciate you.

We happen to like what we’ve seen of the appliance service plans issued by the major utility companies. They offer a broad range of service protection at varying costs – and seem to have a comprehensive “menu” of plans for consumers. Their web sites seem to offer a pretty clear explanation of what is involved/protected. One service call for a major appliance can easily more

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Can We Save our Wet Basement Carpet?

Do we need to tear up wetted basement carpet?


Thanks for the inquiry  – we appreciate you.

When the clogged pipe caused a back-up on your newer basement carpeting, it sounds as though you did everything well – wet vacuuming, de-humidifying, blowing a fan over the wetted area, etc.

The concrete floor below the carpeting would have “soaked” up some water also and will continue to “give it back” to the carpet and the air above for a while.

Newer carpets are likely man-made more

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Removing a Wood Burning Insert

We need to have a wood burning insert removed. 


Thank you for the inquiry.

For many years we were responding to listeners wanting to have an insert installed in an existing masonry fireplace. When these were properly done, the chimney itself was often modified or lined with a smaller diameter, metal flue.

When reversing the process, it is important to make sure the masonry firebox and chimney are properly cleaned, sized and maintained.

Call the folks at KC Masonry – 877-M-A-S-O-N-R-Y or at Fireside more

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To Seal or Not To Seal (Concrete)

Should I seal my concrete/brick pavers?


Thanks for the inquiry.

Two contractors say “seal the pavers” and a third says “no”. The experts at KC Masonry are in the majority and suggest using a high-gloss breathable sealer called Vexcon available at Contractors Connection in Shelby Township. Give them a call at 586-726-9690.

There are many benefits to sealing your concrete/brick pavers. Sealing not only gives your pavers a fresh, new look but also provides a coating that will help protect them from wear more

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Water Leak has Warped Wood Floor

We had a water leak from fridge that has warped our wood floor. What can we do to get it back to normal? 


Thanks for the inquiry – sorry you had to endure this issue.

Unfortunately at this point it may not be possible to save the floor.

Some options to try depending on the nature of the flooring materials, the severity of the movement, access to the underside, etc., include:

1. Sanding the flooring level and refinishing

2. Carefully boring sections out of the more

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Adding a Covered Porch to Home

Do you have any tips for adding a covered porch to the front of my home?


Thanks for the inquiry – we appreciate it.

Adding a covered porch to the front of the house and extending the effective living area sounds like a great project! A new or remodeled front porch not only adds value to your home but also lots of curb appeal! When the Guys visited the International Builders Show, we saw a lot of plans that included this feature. more

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Basement Carpet over Concrete

We need some advice regarding basement carpeting purchase and installation. 

Bob and Bonnie,

Thank you for your trust – we appreciate you guys!

For basement flooring, we often suggest a local retailer for the purchase and install because the market is so competitive. You’ll want to negotiate the product and the install with the same people and as a single transaction so you are not caught in a fight between installer and supplier.

You’ll also want to price a better quality pad realizing there more

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Flat Copper Roof Repair

We need to repair a flat copper roof that leaks. 


Thank you for the inquiry.

A flat roof in Michigan is always a candidate for periodic leaks. And a metal flat roof is even more so and the reason most contractors do not want to try to repair is because it is so difficult to determine where the leak came from and exactly how to properly repair it. Additionally, once they have worked on such a repair they often get caught up more

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High Price of Eliminating Bed Bugs

The quote we received from an exterminator to eliminate bed bugs seems extremely overpriced! 


Thank you for the question – we appreciate the situation you are in.

Bed Bugs are an insidious infestation that can cause a lot of misery and a lot of harm. They are very difficult to get rid of and cause for a lot of landlords to add language to lease agreements that put the financial responsibility on the tenant via the security deposit.

We have seen quotes from more

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