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Leaking window wells

Looking at a house where the owner says the window wells flood in heavy rains. Do we need an inspection?


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One big question here is, Can your daughter afford to buy the house and NOT have an inspection?

There is a huge difference between a good inspector and one that has not right using the title.

Can she afford to have to fix/repair unforeseen items after she moves in?

If the basement is not finished, the occasional water from flooding window wells might be a minor issue.

The water from the wells could be piped down to the footing drain tiles to avoid future issues there.

This is done by installing a drain (stone or pipe) at the bottom of the window well, covering it with filter cloth and stone.

We suggest you call Terry at Blessed Assurance Home Inspection. We trust Terry.

248-722-4288 will get you Terry. Tell him we sent you.

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